Army’s Appreciation for Exceptional Performance


Dynamatic Receives the US Army’s Appreciation for Exceptional Performance DSI/Dynamatic went above and beyond the call of duty when a WCS-225 liquid-cooled coupling for a US Army critical test-stand operation needed repair. We helped them “fly” by getting this unit back up [...]

Army’s Appreciation for Exceptional Performance2024-04-17T14:39:28-05:00

Stamp Out Downtime


Stamp Out Downtime with a Dynamatic CES Press Drive Unit Mechanical CES Press Drives from Dynamatic The CES (Constant Energy System) controller and eddy current mechanical drive unit are applied in stamping press applications. The name, Constant Energy System, is derived [...]

Stamp Out Downtime2023-09-22T09:53:28-05:00

DSI/Dynamatic solves infrastructure problem


Dynamatic Variable Speed Eddy Current Drives and Controls Solve an Aging Infrastructure Problem After 36 years of service, the original controllers, at the Columbus Ohio pump station began to overheat. To compensate, the pump station installed temporary air conditioning to cool the controls [...]

DSI/Dynamatic solves infrastructure problem2023-11-08T12:00:32-06:00
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