Trouble-free operation with Dynamatic Eddy Current drive technology

For years Dynamatic Eddy Current equipment has been selected for automatic paper-making machinery because of its basic simplicity, ease of maintenance, low initial cost, and long, trouble-free operation.

Dynamatic Eddy Current clutches, drives and brakes, in tandem with their compact, remotely located electronic controllers, all contribute to low cost, high quality paper production. Accurate speed, tension and torque control—with regulated acceleration, deceleration and braking—are the prime performance advantages. A special modification to the controller, known as Mutuatrol®, provides automatic acceleration and deceleration control. This circuit applies brake or drive automatically, in response to a speed adjustment by the operator. The controller for Dynamatic® payoff brakes provides constant tension throughout the reduction in roll diameter. It also contributes to constant tension control during acceleration and decelerations, which is so important to the manufacture of fine paper.

The pulp and paper industry are one of the largest users of adjustable speed electrical drives, involving all three basic areas: paper making, paper converting and printing. All types of drives are used, including constant torque, constant horsepower, fan loads, etc.

For a list of some of the most common applications for Dynamatic Eddy Current drives, brakes and controls in the pulp and paper industry, download our applications guide.

For further information or details on these and other adjustable speed applications in the pulp and paper industry, please contact one of our application specialists

  • Reliable, water-cooled Eddy-Current clutches

  • Durable, high-horsepower 24/7 operation

  • Capable of full torque at low speeds

  • Easy-to-use versatile controllers

Dynamatic® Eddy Current clutches, drives, brakes, and electronic controls contribute to low cost, high quality paper production.