Dynamatic provides end-to-end variable speed solutions

The wire and cable industry requires variable speed control from start to finish, of a widely varied end product. Dynamatic drives, brakes, and controls are ideally suited to reliably manage the speeds for extruding, drawing, winding, unwinding and twisting.

Wire Process

At the beginning of the wire-making process, Dynamatic drives are applicable in the continuous casting process, driving casting wheels, and forming rollers. Further down the line, the wire is shaped, drawn annealed and then insulated, and at that point branches off into two further categories. For some of the insulated wire, this is the end of the line, as it is spooled up and packaged form dispensing to the end customer as single-conductor, insulated wire. The rest of the wire output is further processed into more complex products, such as multi-conductor cable.

Cabling Process

The cabling process involves further operations familiar to Dynamatic Eddy Current drives and specially coordinated drive systems. First, several single, insulated wires are brought together in a stranding operation to for a “unit.” This unit may consist of several to many pairs of insulated wire, all twisted and bound together. Twisting and binding operations may then be repeated as many units are brought together and formed into a final cable. A further and final insulation operation will occur during the cable making sometimes preceded by steel or aluminum jacketing to weatherproof the cable.

Dynamatic is involved in the manufacturing of raw material used in the wire industry. A manufacturer casts the material, shapes and draws it to provide basic rod and bar stock for the various manufacturers of wire and wire products. Most of the major steel companies involved in the production of raw material for ferrous applications such as wire, rope, guide wire, steel tire cords, etc. copper mines and refineries are involved in much the same process in the production of nonferrous raw material for wire production.

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  • Long, reliable operation with minimal maintenance

  • Low cost, high quality processing and production

  • Accurate speed, tension and torque control

  • Simple-to-use controllers

  • Full range of horsepower options

Dynamatic variable speed drives, brakes, and controls reliably manage the speeds for extruding, drawing, winding, unwinding and twisting.