Digital CES Press Drive Controller

The EC-2000 HP CES Press Drive Controller is designed to replace vintage CES Controllers that do not require position capability built into the control. On these systems, the starting, stopping, and stroking of the press is controlled by an external press controller, utilizing an independent resolver, programmable limit switch or cam switches.

  • Same proven hardware
  • New cost-effective software platform
  • Programmable Mutuatrol® or Torque
  • Dynamatic factory tested

Features & Benefits

  • Two programmable modes of operation:  open loop current mode or Mutuatrol velocity (speed) mode with programmable dead band.
  • Allows different size drives to be controlled with a single press drive controller. Reduces parts and control inventory requirements.
  • DCLEM circuit feedback protects the clutch and brake with programmable current limits.
  • Independently adjustable acceleration and deceleration with timed braking delay after stopping.
  • Parameters allow for fine-tuning of the press operation for maximum performance.
  • Set point flexibility makes interfacing with a computer system or a programmable logic controller easy.
  • Allow press control system to monitor the status of the CES press drive and the press at all times.
  • Direct interchangeability with existing Dynamatic analog and digital CES press drive controller.