Trouble-free operation with Dynamatic Eddy Current drive technology

Dynamatic is a long-standing provider of Eddy Current variable speed drive solutions to the textile industry, delivering reliable production and processing control.

Range of Application

  • Fiber production and processing
  • Assembling fibers into yarn
  • Assembling fibers or yarn into fabrics
  • Assembling fabrics into apparel or other products

Leading textile manufacturers and distributors such as American Fibers & Yarn, Honeywell, BASF, and Monsanto Textiles utilize processes and machines that feature Dynamatic drives and brakes.

Applications include:

  • Non-woven fabric production
  • Spreading devices
  • Screen conveyors
  • Bonding
  • Drying processes

For further information or details on these and other adjustable speed applications in the textile industry, please download our applications guide or contact one of our application specialists.

  • Long, reliable operation with minimal maintenance

  • Low cost, high quality processing and production

  • Accurate speed, tension and torque control

  • Simple-to-use controllers

  • Full range of horsepower options

Dynamatic® drives, brakes and controls deliver reliable production and processing control across a broad range of textile applications.