Long-life, reliable adjustable speed with full load torque

Dynamatic heavy-duty Eddy Current Clutches provide stepless adjustable speed with full load torque, continuously available, over a wide speed range. Standard ratings are included in our specifications. Units are available between 200 and 2,000 HP at 1200 rpm.
What is it?

The basic clutch is horizontal, foot-mounted, stationary field, water-cooled, and equipped with a cylindrical roller center support bearing and automatic water piping. These ruggedly constructed clutches require no brushes, slip rings or commutators.

A wall mounted solid-state controller converts a relatively small amount of AC power to DC to energize the field coil of the clutch. By controlling this DC power to the field coil, the output speed can be regulated. Accurate speed regulation is maintained by a feedback system, which includes an externally mounted AC tachometer generator. Since the clutch is a constant torque device, the available output torque depends on the rating of the driving motor.

The Eddy Current principle of torque transmission features no direct physical contact between the constant speed and output members. This results in a high degree of cushioning between the drive system and load, permitting longer life for the machinery involved.

  • Ratings – from 200 to 2,000 HP

  • Efficient Operation – operates AF full voltage; no step down transformers

  • Quiet Operation – no internal cooling fans

  • Wide Speed Ranges – without blowers

  • Long Operating Life – torque to be transmitted without friction or wear

  • Low Maintenance Costs – 4 industrial bearings need only occasional lubrication

  • Reliable Operation – HP ratings based on continuous duty 24/7/365, using summer conditions of 90°F inlet water

  • Factory Backup — parts and service for many years of reliable operation assured

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