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Stamp Out Downtime


Stamp Out Downtime with a Dynamatic CES Press Drive Unit Mechanical CES Press Drives from Dynamatic The CES (Constant Energy System) controller and eddy current mechanical drive unit are applied in stamping press applications. The name, Constant Energy System, is derived [...]

Stamp Out Downtime2023-09-22T09:53:28-05:00

Garry Queen Joins DSI/Dynamatic


  Garry Queen Joins DSI/Dynamatic as a Sales Application Engineer. DSI/Dynamatic welcomes Garry Queen as a new Sales Application Engineer working with our municipal market customers. Garry holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois Chicago and is licensed to practice [...]

Garry Queen Joins DSI/Dynamatic2024-02-09T15:38:15-06:00

Dynamatic Eddy Current Drives are the Cream of the Crop!


This German made SIG butter packaging machine in Norway has been churning out thousands of units of this delicious, wrapped spread since the early 1980’s driven by a Dynamatic Eddy Current drive with an integral brake. This SIG machine uses a Dynamatic AC-186 5HP [...]

Dynamatic Eddy Current Drives are the Cream of the Crop!2023-09-21T10:30:29-05:00

We Have VSD Inventory!


When supply chain issues still plague the manufacturing industry, and suppliers are scrambling to obtain materials, we’re happy to report that we have  inventory of fractional horsepower variable speed drives (VSDs)! Fractional drives range from ¼ to 1.5 horsepower and are most often used [...]

We Have VSD Inventory!2024-02-21T14:30:06-06:00

How Eddy Current Changes Pump Speed Without Changing the Motor Speed


Eddy Current Drives uses eddy currents - loops of electrical current created by changing the strength of a magnetic field. As the drum turns and excitation current is applied, a torque is developed, and the output rotor drives the load. In an Eddy Current [...]

How Eddy Current Changes Pump Speed Without Changing the Motor Speed2023-08-04T16:09:59-05:00

Kevin Haggerty Named Business Development Manager


Kevin Haggerty is named Business Development Manager at DSI/Dynamatic, Inc. Kevin is thrilled to join the DSI/Dynamatic team and is eager to bring his 30 years of sales and marketing experience to this brand-new role. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics [...]

Kevin Haggerty Named Business Development Manager2023-09-22T13:37:46-05:00

Why Choose Eddy Current Over VFD? We Explain.


EDDY CURRENT - THE PREMIER SOLUTION Eddy current drive technology can be a reliable proven alternative to traditional VFDs. An eddy current drive controls speed by regulating a direct-current (DC) excitation coil on a magnetic rotor, rotating concentrically with a steel drum, driven by [...]

Why Choose Eddy Current Over VFD? We Explain.2023-08-04T15:54:43-05:00
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