Dynamatic Repair Goes Above and Beyond Flight

DSI/Dynamatic went above and beyond flight when a WCS-221 liquid-cooled coupling for an aviation test stand needed repair. We helped them by getting this unit back up and running per original OEM specifications and upgraded it as well.

The Dynamatic liquid-cooled coupling was originally built back in 1974 and was used on an aviation test stand. The unit needed repair and an upgrade, so the customer turned to us, the manufacturer, for help.

DSI/Dynamatic technicians performed a complete teardown and analysis of the unit, checking all components against the original drawings and specifications for this coupling revealing the problem. Once the problem was fixed, finally load testing, painting, and onsite commissioning were completed, and the unit was ready to go.

Regardless of the age and condition of your Dynamatic product we provide all customers with unparalleled expertise in everything “Eddy Current” for both new units, repairs, and service parts. Contact us for more information on repair and re-manufacture of your Eddy Current units.