Mining equipment must exist under harsh conditions, from dust and extreme temperatures, to precipitation and high altitudes. Our rugged and reliable products have been proven to not only handle harsh environments, but also outlast variable frequency drives by up to six times.

Mining companies experience challenges in:

  • Sustainable growth
  • Improved safety
  • Reduction in environmental impacts
  • Higher costs in operations

Fixed motors waste a tremendous amount of energy as they run at a constant speed. Energy costs are generally 25-30% of total operating costs in the mining industry. Variable speed drives can cut those costs by as much as 60% and establishing eddy current products can be a simple solution to some of these challenges.

Questions arise…

  • Which type of drive can be used for the mining process?
  • Which is better, a VFD or a VSD?
  • What are the benefits of variable speed drives in mining applications?

Eddy Current can:

  • Outlast VFDs by up to 6:1
  • Virtually eliminate harmonics
  • Optimize system performance
  • Minimize down time
  • Be reliable in harsh conditions (dust, precipitation, high temperatures, high altitude)
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Decrease CO2
  • Minimize total operating costs
  • Be used on fans, pumps, mills, conveyors, hoists, etc.
  • Help with high starting torque issues
  • Provide start/stop without stopping the motor

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