Our Universal Control!

  • Work with any eddy current unit
  • Easy to set up and use
  • PC programming capability
  • Low power requirements
  • Virtually no electrical noise
  • Affordable option

The EC-2000 and EC-2000HP Controllers give you precise control of the speed of your Eddy Current drive within 0.1% from no load to full load. You also get 250% of rated torque, which is perfect for starting and momentary overload conditions. Compared to other drives offering only 110% to 150% starting torque, the EC-2000 may allow you the flexibility to use a smaller, more economical drive.

The EC-2000 also connects to ethernet, so you can control your eddy current equipment remotely. Read more about that here:

  • One platform for all drives up to 4,000 HP

  • No need for air conditioning or harmonic suppression

  • Unaffected by power quality fluctuations that destroy VFDs

  • 60-70% smaller than comparable medium voltage VFDs

  • Uses less than 1% of the total AC input current to the motor

  • Continuous operation in up to 40° C ambient temperature

  • Advanced yet simple to use digital control integration

  • Produce virtually no harmonic distortion

Easy installation and PLC compatibility

  • Use only 1% of line power
  • Can be installed up to 500 feet away.
  • Available in 115-volt, single phase, 50/60 Hz input power to simplify worldwide applications
  • Interchangeable with a wide range of drive horsepower to reduce your inventory requirements and associated costs

The Dynamatic® EC-2000 Digital Controller consists of a single printed circuit board rated for 115 VAC, 1 phase, 60 Hz input. It has the flexibility of 45 or 90 VDC coil voltage at 8 Amps and is available for use with a wide range of drives and brakes rated 1 through 200 horsepower and high-powered applications up to 2,000 horsepower. Please consult one of our experienced engineers, for high-powered applications. A power relay is a standard feature. The EC-2000 series achieves responsive, accurate speed control, controlled acceleration and deceleration, selectable local/remote, or manual/automatic speed control, external signal following, and programmable PID speed control.

Dynamatic® EC-2000HP
Eddy Current Control


Dynamatic® EC-2000
Eddy Current Control
Keypad in Enclosure