Take control of your production rates with Dynamatic® Eddy Current drive technology

Adjustable speed drives, brakes and controls play a significant role in the chemical industries including the manufacturing processes. The applications consist mainly of pumps, mixers and metering devices. When the chemical is in a liquid form, various types of pumps are used throughout the process to maintain constant flows, pressures, weights, temperatures, etc. Dynamatic® can control a variety of parameters by using the signal outputs of various types of transducers. More important, though, is the requirement to work with computer outputs, since these processes are most often computer-controlled and highly automated. Depending upon the chemical being produced, the application can present various demanding environmental conditions. Highly corrosive and caustic atmospheres are typical. Explosive atmospheres are not uncommon.

In addition to pump drives, various types of metering devices are used for batch mixing of ingredients, both liquids and solids. Different types of mixers are used, and many of these applications require adjustable speed drives. Horsepower sizes range from fractional up through several hundred, with most pump applications being in the 1 to 50 HP range.

Eddy-Current products meet the criteria of reliability, serviceability and cost – not only initial cost but life-cycle cost, a term which is being used more and more in industry today. Our water-cooled clutches continue to be specified in this industry over DC drives, based primarily on their reliability and serviceability.

Dynamatic® has been used throughout various chemical applications for many years by some of the industry’s leading brands: Equistar, Exxon Mobil, Huntsman Polymer, Union Carbide/Dow Chemical, and the DuPont Corporation.

For further information or details on these and other adjustable speed applications in the chemical industry, please contact one of our application specialists.

  • Pumping, mixing and metering

  • Extruding and spinning

  • Reliability and serviceability

  • Fan-cooled and water-cooled options

Dynamatic® adjustable speed drives and controls stand up to harsh chemical manufacturing processes. The applications here consist mainly of pumps, mixers and metering devices.