Dynamatic Eddy Current Variable Speed Drives have been in the metal forming/stamping press industry for decades!

We have over 70 years of experience designing and servicing adjustable speed drives and controls for variable speed stamping presses 1,000 ton and larger, including those from Bliss, Verson, and Minster. Our AS and AT units are commonly used in metal forming and stamping press applications and have decades of reliability. You may not even know you have a Dynamatic unit on your press!

Contact Dynamatic® for repair, support, or replacement of your unit.

When mechanical units fail – and we know they do – you can count on DSI/Dynamatic to get you up and running to eliminate as much downtime as possible. We can fit you with a new unit quickly, repair and/or replace parts on your existing unit, or recommend a drop-in spare unit so you don’t experience downtime.

Find out if you have a Dynamatic in place and give us a call!

Call for off-the-shelf drives and controls or Certified Factory Re-Manufacturing.

  • Our experienced technicians will dismantle and assess your drive and all its individual components.
  • We will replace all damaged and worn components with new factory warranted parts.
  • We conduct circuit board analysis, repair, and testing per Dynamatic® standards.

If you have a Verson or Danly press, we repair and re-manufacture the CES Press Drives.

  • 800 ton and above
  • End brackets are customized to fit your space
  • Preventative maintenance is recommended
  • Clutch and brake connects to a motor
  • Reduced wear as there’s no contact between the fly wheel and drive shaft
  • New digital control upgrades

  • Quick-ship control board repair service

  • Full line of drop-in replacement control options

  • Certified original CES parts

  • 24-hour support, on-site service and training

  • OEM press drives for Minster Machine, Brown Boggs, Verson, Danly, Bliss Clearing, Niagara, Stamtec, Sutherland, Seyi, Komatsu and Schuler.

Dynamatic® adjustable speed drive on Bliss 500-ton presses as installed at Marwood Metals, Tilsonburg, Ontario, Canada
*photo courtesy of Marwood Metal Fabrication Limited