High-horsepower reliability with Dynamatic Eddy Current Technology

  • Mixing
  • Extruding
  • Pelletizing

Adjustable speed drives, brakes and controls especially large horsepower, water-cooled Eddy Current clutches are used in the manufacture of basic raw plastics materials. Larger drives are often used in mixing, extruding and pelletizing whereas smaller drives can be found in operations such as film extrusion, insulation of wire, film and parts molding operations, etc.

Dynamatic is a very important and highly-regarded supplier to this industry, especially with respect to the larger horsepower. Eddy Current applications have proven to be highly reliable in round-the-clock operations. Customers, such as DuPont, have favored Dynamatic for large mixer drives, whose process requires absolute reliability.

In customer applications, Dynamatic has the advantage of being able to respond to special needs through engineering flexibility. We are not tied to a standard mechanical design with only a limited list of available modifications; rather, we can create a system to meet the customer’s needs.

  • Reliable, water-cooled Eddy-Current clutches

  • Durable, high-horsepower 24/7 operation

  • Capable of full torque at low speeds

  • Easy-to-use versatile controllers

Dynamatic adjustable speed drives, brakes and controls provide reliable solutions for high-horsepower applications.