Dynamatic Brakes provide accurate, smooth, controlled braking

  • Easy drop-in replacements
  • Easy to repair
  • Low maintenance (only 2 bearings)
  • High cooling efficiency
  • High horsepower capacity
  • Long life and reliability
  • Optional tach generator

Air-cooled, Adjustable Torque Eddy Current Brakes consist of a rotating member (rotor), keyed to a straight-through double extension shaft, and a stationary brake coil. The brake imposes controlled deceleration at adjustable speeds. There is no physical contact between rotating and stationary members. This results in smooth response, thereby eliminating shock loading and extending equipment life.

These brakes may be equipped with an optional tachometer generator mounted externally to provide a feedback signal to the controller. The controller provides the DC excitation for the brake coil. The feedback signal from the tachometer generator is compared against a reference signal within the controller to provide accurate, smooth, controlled braking or constant speed throughout the period of excitation. Constant torque can be obtained with highly accurate torque adjustments.


  • Crane/hoist
  • Sky lift or ski lift
  • Test stands
  • Take up or Rewind

Dynamatic® Air-Cooled
Eddy Current Brakes