Optimized performance for integral and fractional horsepower drives

Dynamatic 3000 Analog Controls give you control over your Dynamatic Air-Cooled Drives at two different VDC levels, 45 and 90. Depending on the positioning of an on-board jumper, the controller will provide either speed or torque control. The controller is manufactured in two separate versions to optimize performance for a wide range of drive sizes and time constants; one for integral horsepower drives and the other for fractional horsepower drives. The Dynamatic 3000 Analog Controller is a complete controller all on one printed circuit board.

Dynamatic 3000 Features:

  • Soft starts on a linear acceleration circuit, from 1 to 30 seconds

  • Closed loop control keeps drive output speed within 0.5% for load changes from 0 to 100%

  • Stopping brake circuit adjustable from 0 to 45 VDC

  • Custom “state-of-the-art” integrated circuits

  • Easy to understand, operate and maintain

Dynamatic® 3000 Analog Controls