Dynamatic adjustable speed drives and digital controls are the smartest choice

When selecting a variable speed drive, it is necessary to select one that will perform the intended function at the lowest life cycle cost. The minimization of total cost coupled with careful attention to maintaining high operating speeds will result in the opportunity to generate increased profitability for the user. An Eddy Current drive with its inherent simplicity, ruggedness, and performance features is your strongest candidate for lowest life cycle cost.

Find out what True System Efficiency is in this video.

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True System Efficiency Tagline

defined by three cost factors:

  • Capital Costs – up to 65% less than VFD systems

  • Energy Costs – lowest for pump, fan, and compressor applications

  • Ownership Costs – Greatly reduced maintenance, repairs, and upgrades

Why Choose Eddy Current?

  • Minimize and reduce downtime
  • Maximize the availability of the machinery to perform its intended function
  • Simple to install, use, and maintain
  • Reliable source of variable speed
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Readily serviced by plant maintenance personnel with basic troubleshooting
  • Simple control that can operate drives from 1/4HP to 200HP
  • Spare parts inventory costs are kept to a minimum
  • Entire control can be replaced for a fraction of the cost of others on drive systems up to 200HP