We Have VSD Inventory!


When supply chain issues still plague the manufacturing industry, and suppliers are scrambling to obtain materials, we’re happy to report that we have  inventory of fractional horsepower variable speed drives (VSDs)! Fractional drives range from ¼ to 1.5 horsepower and are most often used [...]

We Have VSD Inventory!2024-02-21T14:30:06-06:00

How Eddy Current Changes Pump Speed Without Changing the Motor Speed


Eddy Current Drives uses eddy currents - loops of electrical current created by changing the strength of a magnetic field. As the drum turns and excitation current is applied, a torque is developed, and the output rotor drives the load. In an Eddy Current [...]

How Eddy Current Changes Pump Speed Without Changing the Motor Speed2023-08-04T16:09:59-05:00

Why Choose Eddy Current Over VFD? We Explain.


EDDY CURRENT - THE PREMIER SOLUTION Eddy current drive technology can be a reliable proven alternative to traditional VFDs. An eddy current drive controls speed by regulating a direct-current (DC) excitation coil on a magnetic rotor, rotating concentrically with a steel drum, driven by [...]

Why Choose Eddy Current Over VFD? We Explain.2023-08-04T15:54:43-05:00

State of the Supply Chain


Supply chain issues have plagued America since the beginning of the pandemic but got progressively worse through 2021. The problems are far from over, but we’re taking a rearview look and learning that while the disruptions were record breaking, companies like ours were able [...]

State of the Supply Chain2023-09-11T11:58:28-05:00

FAQs – Dynamatic


We have an old unit with a Dynamatic nameplate on it, but it’s not working right. Do you repair or replace these units? We do both! If you have a unit that isn’t functioning properly, or isn’t functioning at all, we will diagnose and [...]

FAQs – Dynamatic2023-08-04T15:36:37-05:00

How Dynamatic & Desalination Can Solve Water Challenges


It’s no secret that many areas of the world are already experiencing water hardships. These challenges include shortages of fresh water supply, stressed supply, and changes in climate that lead to longer and more severe droughts. Desalination Can Help Desalination has been the buzz [...]

How Dynamatic & Desalination Can Solve Water Challenges2023-08-04T15:28:37-05:00

Inclusive Leadership Examples: Why It’s Important in Manufacturing


Diversity and inclusion in a workforce can lead to a highly competitive advantage in manufacturing. We might think of “diversity” as a singular thing, as ethnicity or race, but diversity is defined by Oxford Languages as “the practice or quality of including or involving [...]

Inclusive Leadership Examples: Why It’s Important in Manufacturing2023-09-11T12:09:36-05:00
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