We have an old unit with a Dynamatic nameplate on it, but it’s not working right. Do you repair or replace these units?

We do both! If you have a unit that isn’t functioning properly, or isn’t functioning at all, we will diagnose and repair or replace, whichever is most cost effective to you. If your unit is repairable, we do recommend that you buy new and use the repaired unit as a spare so you have no down time within your facility.


What is your lead time?

That depends on a lot of factors. If we have something in stock, we can usually turn around a purchase order in 24 hours. If it’s not in stock, we depend on many variables to get units to you as quickly as possible. We will remain in communication with you along the way.


I have many eddy current units, but they’re not all Dynamatic. Can I use the same control?

Yes! Our EC-2000 and DSI-700 are universal controls that will operate ANY brand of eddy current machinery. Often, the DSI-700 replaces older TASC Controls.


I already have a Dynamatic unit, but it needs something. Can I get a quote?

Yes! Getting a quote is easy. Visit our Contact Us page online, call us at 262-554-7977 or email sales@dynamatic.com. One of our qualified sales professionals will get back to you quickly.


The name plate on my unit says Eaton or Ajusto-Spede, is that the same thing?

Yes! Before we settled on the use of the Dynamatic name brand, our company and Louis Allis used the Ajusto-Spede name and then, when Eaton purchased the company, Eaton used its name on our products with the Dynamatic name. After Drive Source International purchased the brand, Dynamatic was the preferred name and has been on the name plate alone ever since.


Can you custom design your units to fit into our facility?

Yes! Contact one of our highly qualified sales managers for more information at sales@dynamatic.com


What’s the difference between your EC-2000 and EC-2000HP controllers?

In this case, the “HP” stands for High Power and these controls are used for applications of up to 2000 horsepower, whereas the standard EC-2000 are typically used up to 200 horsepower.