EC 2000 Controller

The Mark-III family of eddy current controls has been the mainstay control for Dynamatic variable speed clutches since 1970. Many of these controls are still in operation today. Did you know that DSI-Dynamatic still produces the Mark-III controls? Direct, drop-in replacements are still manufactured in southeast Wisconsin and are typically available within a week or less.

The EC-2000 family of controls is our newest digital drive, which has all the features of the Mark-III, as well as additional newer features. The EC-2000, in most cases, will have the same footprint as the Mark-III for easy retrofit. If you are looking to upgrade your existing Mark-III, or virtually any other eddy current control, the EC-2000 is the drive for you.

Features include:

  • Parameters allow for fine-tuning of the operation for maximum performance.
  • Independently adjustable acceleration / deceleration with timed braking delay after stopping.
  • Set point flexibility makes interfacing with a computer system or a programmable logic controller easy.
  • Allows different size drives to be controlled with a single control. Reduces parts and control inventory requirements.
  • Simple, rugged and compact design with a long life cycle for overall reliability.
  • No need for air conditioning or harmonic suppression.
  • Unaffected by power quality fluctuations that can destroy variable frequency drives.
  • Process signal interface capability.

Standard functions:

  • Instrument signal follower permits control from all common process inputs.
  • Open collector outputs permit interface of control alarm and annunciation with real world devices.
  • Dual, programmable on-board power relays for customer interface.
  • Up to four preset speeds can be selected from the soft-touch keypad or terminal strip permitting operation at predetermined optimum set points.
  • Auto restart after power outage provides true “2-wire” control for applications requiring unattended restart.
  • PLC run/stop functions via the built-in 2-wire scheme permit control through terminal strip.
  • Automatic and manual functions through terminal strip or soft-touch keypad permit process control or normal operation for
    startup and adjustment.
  • Local and remote functions through soft-touch keypad allow control from multiple operator devices.
  • Programmable jog speed can be actuated through terminal strip or soft-touch keypad for application flexibility.
  • Speed mode or torque mode flexibility. Speed mode is for closed loop systems utilizing tachometer feedback for precise speed control. Torque mode is for applications where torque is regulated variable rather than speed. In torque mode the control operates by closing only the current loop and regulates torque output of the drive.
  • Analog output signals can be programmed to provide signal proportional to critical parameters (e.g., speed, current or voltage).
  • Linear acceleration and deceleration function permits soft start and stop control.

Optional Features:

  • Dancer position without Mutuatrol® adjusts drive speed to maintain position of the dancer. Dancer applies tension to the material. Position is set by operator’s reference potentiometer.
  • Mutuatrol® is for drives with an adjustable torque brake, allowing the drive and the brake to be mutually regulated. Primary purpose is accurate speed control using driving or braking as required. Adjustable braking is included.
  • Load sharing for multiple drive applications using a single control.

If you’re considering an upgrade or would like more information about how the EC-2000 can benefit your company, please contact or call (800) 548-2169.