It’s no secret that many areas of the world are already experiencing water hardships. These challenges include shortages of fresh water supply, stressed supply, and changes in climate that lead to longer and more severe droughts.

Desalination Can Help

Desalination has been the buzz word in the water industry for some time. In its essence, this artificial process takes the salt out of the ocean water and converts it for use in human consumption or irrigation. It sounds like a very easy answer to a very large problem. However, while it’s a solution for affluent areas near the ocean, it may not be the solution for poor, water-stressed regions or areas of high altitude. After all, how would you get ocean water to those locations in a cost-effective manner?

According to an article by The Washington Post, the desalination process isn’t always the most energy efficient, even though today’s plants use significantly less energy than their predecessors.

Dynamatic Is Here to Help

DSI/Dynamatic, Inc. has solutions for desalination plants and our products ARE energy efficient. In the plants that process more than 10 million gallons per day, the large intake and filtration pumps as well as the reverse osmosis feeds generally require high-power pumps, which could use our larger variable speed drives to save on overall energy costs.

High opportunity for Dynamatic products:

  • Horsepower = 300 to 3000 hp
  • Motor Voltage = 2300 or 4160
  • Motor Speed = 1200 and below, some exceptions for 1800 rpm
  • Vertical usually better than horizontal (for space considerations)
  • Retrofit to existing equipment is often successful

Municipal Market Manager Gary Patterson said our SPMV units are the best applied equipment for the pumping process.

“Our target applications are the largest pumps in the plant that take in raw water or discharge treated water,” he said.

Dynamatic variable speed drive clutches have been installed in wastewater treatment applications for many decades and applying them in desalination plants would be no different.

Patterson said pumping is pumping.  “There’s nothing inherent in the desalination process that makes it any different than freshwater or wastewater treatment.”

The Dynamatic eddy current products are inherently durable and simple-to-use technology. When installed properly and adequately maintained, it’s easy to get decades of reliable use from them. Dynamatic can also withstand rugged or harsh environments, so when used in the process of removing salt and minerals from water, Dynamatic will prove to be your only choice for the job.

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By DSI/Dynamatic