There’s no doubt that 2020 will go down in the history books for more than one reason. We saw the rise of a global pandemic, climate crises such as flooding and wildfires, and political turmoil, among other things. Through it all, we had to survive first as humans and then as businesses. How did we manage it all? What have we learned from a year that was so complicated? And how can we do better?

Changing Our Ways

“Last year was definitely something,” Marketing Manager Rebecca Hart said. “We learned that much of our work can be, and had to be done remotely and digitally, which now allows for more flexibility going forward. Now that most, if not all businesses are equipped with the capabilities to be virtual and digital in everyday tasks, it will be easier for companies to continue in this environment, which is often incredibly attractive to new employees. We’re also taking this learning experience and applying more money and directives behind our digital marketing for 2021. It’ll be ever more important to have a large presence online.”

Market Analyst Jonathan Johns said he hopes our prospective customers of eddy current drives will be receptive to the new forms of communication put forth as the nation continues to accept the directives of social distancing, wearing masks, and vaccinations through 2021. “With this scenario,” he said, “in-person meetings will be discouraged, forcing many to utilize remote technology for product presentations.”

We All In This Together

Most businesses seem to be in the same predicament. As we all work hard to keep our employees healthy, we are finding new ways to communicate if we cannot be face to face. Our sales force, instead of meeting with clients in person as usual, is focusing inward as well, using the phone and digital communications more often. Some of our sales force are finding more time to manage internal projects, which were often lower priorities before 2020.

According to Sales Engineer Jennifer Ludlum, she has spent more time on research last year than any other, which she believes eventually lead to new market opportunities and new market leads. Her research had led the company into new market territory that could increase growth opportunities for 2021 and beyond.

“We’re excited about the potential that Jennifer has uncovered,” Hart said. “The research she has done wouldn’t have been given as much time and attention had she been traveling the country. While we look forward to getting back to normal, its this kind of research that will prove invaluable to us in 2021 and beyond.”

Inside Sales Account Manager Adam Dillon said 2020 turned us to three key ideas: resiliency, ingenuity and hope.

Ingenuity and a New Normal

“I’ve been impressed with how DSI/Dynamatic—and the American economy, in general—has shown significant resiliency in the face of an unprecedented public health crisis,” Dillon said. “Despite the fact that there was a shutdown, and many of us were forced to work from home, we still kept the doors open and the lights on.”

While Dillon was one of many who worked from home and met virtually with family, friends, and customers and suppliers, he was still able to work efficiently and creatively.

“The silver lining of an incredibly difficult 2020 was the creativity that came from it,” he said. “It is my hope that the resiliency and ingenuity we exhibited in 2020 will spill over into 2021 in a positive way as we define a new—and hopefully better—normal.”

That is the hope of everyone at DSI/Dynamatic. Even though “normal” is defined a little differently for 2021, we expect our business, and the world, to return to pre-pandemic levels of economy and prosperity sometime later this year.