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Specialty High Speed Motors

Inverter duty motors suitable for high-speed test stands

Dynamatic® has designed and manufactured specialty AC induction motors since 1965. Whether your application is for high torque or high speed, Dynamatic® can provide the unique AC motor that will meet your needs. When these “squirrel cage” AC motors are used with a state-of-the-art vector inverter, they can meet even the most demanding applications, including high-speed test stands.

Dynamatic® Salient Pole Eddy Current Drive

Specialty high-speed motor

Many of today’s high performance test stand or dynamometer applications require speeds exceeding 20,000 RPM. Dynamatic® designs accommodate pressurized lubrication systems, special bearings and precision balancing which provide continuous operation at these high speeds. A trunnion mounted motor (with a load cell) or foot mounted motor (with an in-line-shaft torque transducer) may be used to indicate the developed torque.

Dynamatic® AC Motors can be designed and manufactured to meet a variety of demanding application conditions. Many variations of open drip proof, totally enclosed liquid-cooled and blower-cooled motors are available. Various motor winding protection and insulation classes may also be used in severe conditions. The options are available for all frame sizes up to 500T.

Dynamatic® has been in the dynamometer business since the 1930's, when the principle of an Eddy Current drive was first developed. While there are still many applications for the Eddy Current dynamometer there are many applications requiring the flexibility and high performance of the adjustable frequency dynamometer system. The advances in the design of the line regeneration, vector inverters now can provide a high performance dynamometer system that may be utilized in both production and R & D environments.

Dynamatic® offers a full range of adjustable frequency dynamometer systems to meet the requirements of the relatively straightforward “cold engine” test stand to the more elaborate transmission test stands. Please contact Dynamatic® to review your specific test stand requirements.

  • Speed Range – 50 to 22,000 RMP
  • Torque Range – Up to 2,400 Ft-Lb
    (3260 NM)
  • Horsepower – 30 to 1,000 HP
    (22 to 750 KW)
  • Voltage – 230, 380, 460, 580 VAC
  • Frame Sizes – 254T to 500T
  • Frame Types – ODP, TEFC, TELC
  • Mounting – Foot, Flange, Trunnion

Dynamatic® – Adjustable speed drives, brakes and controls OEM

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