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Dynamatic® Friction Brakes & Clutches

Dyanmatic® Friction Brakes and Clutches

Dynamatic® Friction Brakes and Clutches


Typcial Applications

  • Printing Presses
  • Wire Drawing
  • Conveyors
  • Machine Tools
  • Packaging Machinery

Typical Markings found on Friction Brakes relate to the field magnet

  • Model 303 – Magnet 303354 / 303303324
  • Model 304 – Magnet 304354 / 304334-2
  • Model 305 – Magnet 305344 / 305354
  • Model 308 – Magnet 308374
  • Model 310 – Magnet 310374
  • Model 312 – Magnet 312374
  • Model 315 – Magnet 315374

Drive Source International offers a wide range of Dynamatic® Friction Brakes & Clutches. If you are looking to replace a vintage friction brake or are in need of replacement parts for your Dynamatic® Friction Brake or Dynatorq Friction Brake our application specialists will be happy to assist 24-hours a day.

Formerly produced by Eaton Dynamatic, the electromagnetic friction brake works on the principle of an electromagnet. It consists of two basic parts: The field magnet and the armature plate. When a D.C. voltage is applied to the coil, located inside the field magnet, the armature plate is attracted to the field magnet. By means of friction contact between the two members, torque is transmitted. The friction material located in the field magnet helps to stabilize the torque output and prolong the wear life of the brake.

Friction Brakes Figure 1
  • Dynamatic® Friction Brakes

  • Used to stop a rotating load.

  • Figure 1

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Clutch-Couplings Figure 2
  • Dynamatic® Clutch-Couplings

  • Used to couple in line shafts between the prime mover (motor) and the load.
  • Figure 2

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Dynamatic® Clutches Figure 3
  • Dynamatic® Clutches

  • Used when the load shaft is driven by a belt, chain or gear.
  • Figure 3

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Dynamatic® Clutch-Brakes and Clutch-Brake-Couplings Figure 4
  • Dynamatic® Clutch-Brakes and Clutch-Brake-Couplings

  • Used to combine functions of a clutch and brake in a compact assembly.
  • Figure 4

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Dynamatic® Motor Brakes Figure 5
  • Dynamatic® Motor Brakes

  • Mount directly to the rear end bell of motors and Eddy Current Drives.
  • Figure 5

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