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Chain Conveyors

Take control of your production rates with Eddy Current drive technology

Chain-type overhead and floor conveyors are used extensively in assembly and painting operations such as automotive and appliance manufacturing plants. Many conveyors require adjustable speed to control production rates, manage transfer speeds, and accelerate/decelerate per specific applications. Dynamatic® has been the driving force for various conveyor applications for years at leading manufacturers such as: The Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Fiat, Butcher Engineering, Mayfran Corporation, Whirlpool Corporation and Electrolux Home Products.

An overhead chain trolley conveyor consists of a series of trolleys supported from or within an overhead track and connected by an endless propelling medium with loads usually suspended from the trolley. In the power and free form, load-carrying free trolleys can move in and out of contact with pushers attached to powered trolleys.

A floor flat-top chain conveyor is an endless chain consisting of links with special top sections that create an articulated by essentially continuous, flat surface for handling objects placed on it.

In a single chain conveyor situation the drive type is Eddy Current, up to 10 HP, with basic speed control on single drive conveyors. Where the conveyor is extremely long, multiple drives are used and distributed around the chain path. Clutch coils are connected in parallel or master/slave controls are used to provide equal drive torques.

On multi-conveyor systems where there is storage capacity at the transfer points, the conveyor controls can be cascaded. When the item being carried must be transferred from one conveyor to another at specific links on the second conveyor, the conveyors must be position synchronized.

For further information or details on these and other chain conveyor applications, please contact one of our application specialists.

Eddy Current drives for chain conveyors

Dynamatic® Eddy Current drives, brakes and controls are the perfect choice to keep your production lines moving.

  • Overhead chain trolley conveyors
  • Floor flat-top chain conveyors
  • Single chain conveyors
  • Multi-conveyors

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