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Automotive Test Stands

Eddy Current drives, brakes and controls for automotive performance testing

The automotive industry has relied on Dynamatic® Eddy Current drives, brakes and controls in various testing applications for many years. Leading brands such as The Ford Motor Company, Rausch Racing, General Motors and Caterpillar turn to Dynamatic® for the rigorous test procedures they put their vehicles and components through. For details on the specific tests and the adjustable speed solutions that support them, download this Dynamatic® application guide.

Test stands are used to control and measure torque, speed and horsepower, both input and output, of engines, transmissions, differentials, drive transfer boxes and transaxles. These test stands can be fairly simple or very complex, with special mechanical and electronic equipment. In addition, because of the need for extensive test data, the electronic portion of the systems can include automated input command interfaces and data acquisition interfaces from a number of output points.

Dynamatic® has been involved worldwide in both military & commercial grade testing facilities. Dynamatic® Eddy Current Brakes as large as 4000HP are used to load test transmissions, gearboxes and compressors. Dynamatic® WCS Couplings up to 2500HP provide smooth acceleration and a non-mechanical link for test cells and wind tunnels. Specialty High Speed Motors as large as 500HP / 10,000 RPM are designed and built right here in the USA to keep up with the ever increasing demands of today's automotive testing market.

For further information or details on these and more engine testing applications, please contact one of our application specialists.

Dynamatic® Eddy Current drive

Dynamatic® Eddy Current drives, brakes and controls are the driving force behind the automotive industry's rigorous testing procedures.

  • Transmission and torque converter testing
  • Internal combustion engine testing
  • Differential and transaxle testing
  • Four-wheel drive transfer box testing
  • Complete vehicle performance testing
  • Brake, clutch and drive testing
  • Accessory testing
  • Wind tunnels
Eddy Current drives for automotive testing

Dynamatic® – Adjustable speed drives, brakes and controls OEM

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