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Insights from the electromagnetic field

Posted Dec. 4, 2015

Congratulations to the winner of our WEFTEC 2015 promotion!

And special thanks to everyone who visited our booth and participated in our Water and Wastewater drives and controls performance survey

WEFTEC is always a great show for us and we are happy to say booth traffic increased significantly this year. We hosted a much larger space, which provided exciting demonstrations, plus the additional excitement of a putting green tied to our survey and golf club giveaway promotion.

Participants filled out our iPad-based survey at the show, or our online version of the survey, and were automatically entered into the drawing to win set of golf clubs. We then selected a random winner from all eligible entrants.

Please join us in congratulating our winner: Mr. Tim Albert of Ottumwa Water &Hydro. Tim has already received his Brand new set of Titleist 912 AP 2 irons, 913 woods, and a Scotty Cameron Putter. Tim is very excited and says he looks forward to his first opportunity to use them.

Thanks again to all who participated in the survey. See you at WEFTEC 2016.

Win with Dynamatic

Posted Oct. 12, 2015

No pains, big gains and special thanks

Thank you from our team at Dynamatic® for all that stopped by booth 2800 at WEFTEC 2015 in Chicago

We sincerely appreciate everyone taking the time to learn about our variable speed drives and everything our company has to offer. Dynamatic solutions for water and wastewater eliminate the pains of VFDs while providing big gains to your operations.

We are also extremely grateful for the tremendous amount of feedback that has been submitted through our survey. Everyone who has completed the survey has been entered in the golf club drawing.

If you weren't able to take our survey at the show, you still have time! Don't miss your chance to win a set of Titleist 912 AP 2 irons, 913 woods, and a Scotty Cameron putter! Simply fill out the quick survey on our website. Our promotion ends at 5pm central time on October 30th.

Take our online survey.

WEFTEC 2015 booth

Posted Sept. 15, 2015

WEFTEC provides valuable insights

For years Dynamatic® has been exhibiting at WEFTEC, and this year our presence is bigger and better than ever.

Dynamatic® values this show because of its draw of the water quality professionals from around the world. Not only is Dynamatic® being recognized as the best choice for rugged and reliable variable speed drives and controls, we are also viewed as the go-to resource for application expertise and technical support. Dynamatic® owes this honor to our dedication to listening to customer input. Our engineered solutions meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers because their voices are heard.

How can you be heard? Come visit us in booth 2800 at WEFTEC. We gain valuable insights via annual surveys across the spectrum of water quality professionals. Our quick automated survey seeks to understand the challenges faced in today's applications, informing our engineering teams with the insights needed to provide real-world solutions, such as our brand new EC-2000 digital controller with Ethernet/IP technology.

Not able to attend? Complete our survey online.

Water quality insights

Posted July 29, 2015

Knowing your options can make a huge difference

Factory support, knowledgeable service, and OEM upgrades save the day

After 40+ trouble-free years of service, the Eddy Current drive controls on an essential plant water system at Cayuga Power Company (Lansing, NY) experienced fatigue. This led to an emergency service and repair call to Dynamatic. After discussing various approaches, ranging from replacing the main PCB's with brand new analog PCB's (yes, they are still available) to a major technology change. It was decided that since the original controls had provided reliable service for over 40 years, the best option was to simply upgrade them. Dynamatic technicians and the power company both agreed on the solution and within 24 hours the team at Dynamatic had delivered and installed three EC-2000 HP digital controllers.

“We were very pleased with his [the technician's] productivity, knowledge and personable attitude," said Project Manager, Burt Marker. "He is welcomed back at the station at any time!”

Cayuga Power saved both time and money by simply upgrading the controls instead of switching technologies; in addition, they now have the added benefit of a two-year factory warranty on the new EC-2000 digital controllers.

Dynamatic technicians are knowledgeable in all makes and models of Eddy Current adjustable speed drives, brakes and controls and offer 24-hour phone support, on-site service and training.

Upgrade your controls

Posted July 7, 2015

Continued success at EASA show

EASA members count on Dynamatic® support for Eddy Current Technology

Dynamatic reached out to the EASA community to rebuild relationships. Over a year ago we developed the Dynamatic EASA Partner Program and contacted EASA members to offer the opportunity to join. Booth attendance at recent shows has proved the program is a great success. At the 2015 EASA show we continued to build relationships by explaining what the program offers and showing how we support our product lines to motor shops who service our products. As an appreciation for members dropping by our booth we had a drawing for a set of golf clubs.

We would like to say thank you to all of those who participated in the drawing and congratulations to Joe Jones of Sulzer EMS-Phoenix, AZ on winning the clubs. We know that by continuing to work together with EASA we will build a long-term synergy that will benefit customers who want to keep using Dynamatic Eddy Current products.

Read more about Dynamatic and our EASA Partner Program.

EASA trade show

Posted June 12, 2015

Dynamatic appoints new sales representatives in Mexico

Customers in Mexico can now enjoy personal attention and communication from our sales organization in Mexico.

Dynamatic has expanded its sales force by appointing LDM Press Parts as its sales organization in Mexico.

LDM Press Parts, based in Atlixco and Puebla, Mexico has a long, rich history supporting the metal stamping industry. President Martin Leighton, Sales Coordinator Isabel Hernandez and Sales Agent Oscar Flores proudly serve our customers needs. Recently, Isabel, Oscar and Martin hosted the Dynamatic booth at Metalform Mexico in Monterrey, Mexico. The show was very successful. Dynamatic and LDM Press Parts were able to meet and engage with current customers as well as establish contact with new customers. Please visit the LDM Press Parts website to learn more about why they partnered with Dynamatic.


Dynamatic in Mexico

Posted May 29, 2015

Pumping station modernizes their process with 1 simple upgrade

Lemay Pump Station in St. Louis, Missouri uses Dynamatic® Drives with digital controls instead of VFDs.

The need for faster and easier drive system controls, including distributed control and SCADA integration, prompted Lemay Pump Station management to consider alternative systems, such as the latest variable frequency drives (VFDs) on the market. However, as management studied the challenge further, the conversion from Dynamatic® drives to VFDs posed a significant range of added costs, including a dramatic increase in physical space requirements. This compelled the municipality to more carefully evaluate their application requirements.

Read the full case study...

Digital controls upgrade

Posted May 14, 2015

Why This Municipality Chose Dynamatic® over VFDs

Real‐world experience at St. Joseph Water Protection provides fact-based results comparing Eddy Current vs. VFD pump and drive systems.

Here is a case study in true system efficiency. The City of St. Joseph did an annual cost and reliability evaluation of their various pump and air handling drives. The cost of maintaining our existing Eddy Current drives is about $40 a year compared to the millions they have spent replacing VFDs that have failed.

According to Don Gilpin, Superintendent of Wastewater Treatment, The City of St. Joseph is replacing their VFDs with Dynamatic Eddy Current drives, and all new variable speed applications will specify the use of Dynamatic drives.

Read the full case study...

St. Joseph Water Protection

Posted April 6, 2015

Hydraulic Institute announces its next Executive Director

Read why the Institute appointed Michael B. Michaud and why it's a great fit.

The Hydraulic Institute, North America's largest pump trade association, is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael B. Michaud as the Institute's next Executive Director. He begins his new role May 1, 2015. For the past 19 years, Michaud has held various leadership roles at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) where he currently is Managing Director, Global Alliances, responsible for ASME's Global Strategy Execution and International Business Development primarily by growing an extensive network of Global Partners.

“This is a fantastic time to join the Hydraulic Institute and I am extremely honored to have been chosen to lead it” said Michaud. “As HI approaches its 100 year anniversary, we are reminded of the past success, creating standards, developing resources for the industry and working to improve pump and pump system efficiency, ultimately producing energy and cost savings for pump users and society at large. I plan to continue to build on this lasting legacy of successful programs and work to position the Hydraulic Institute for its next 100 years.”

Read complete announcement...

Michael B. Michaud

Posted April 6, 2015

High-power retrofit reliability

Learn how this wastewater treatment plant resolved reliability issues with an economical upgrade to High-Power Eddy Current Digital Controls.

Six trickling filters at the Bissell Point Wastewater Treatment Plant in St. Louis, Mo., receive 110 mgd from a trickling filter pump station with two 1,650 hp centrifugal Peerless (90 mgd capacity each), and six 600 hp Peerless (40 mgd each) pumps. The outdated analog system controlling the eddy current clutches on the large pumps caused maintenance headaches for operators: Reliability was suspect and replacement parts were hard to find.

“The many potentiometers also required frequent adjustments, usually done with a screwdriver,” says Vince Stollhans, assistant manager of the Pump Station Division. When the clutch and motor on one pump went to a local shop for routine maintenance, technicians saw an opportunity to upgrade the controller. They called Stollhans for recommendations

“I'm responsible for automating the pump stations,” Stollhans says. “Over the last five years, I've installed 10 digital controllers from Dynamatic. The units have a history of excellent performance and reliability.”

Read the full article...

Wastewater system upgrade

Posted February 20, 2015

Head to head

The reigning champion of metal forming and stamping press applications outperforms the competition in horsepower required, installation costs and life expectancy.

For years, eddy-current drives and variable-frequency drives (VFDs) have been slugging it out in the world of press stamping. Learn how eddy-current drives are the rugged and reliable performers you want in your corner.

Pound for pound, eddy-current packs more punch. Eddy-current drives can generate double the peak output capacity of equivalent AC or DC drives. This capability translates to reduced horsepower requirements.

Stamp out downtime in your variable speed application. Eddy-current drives and controls are the only solution proven to go the distance, keeping your presses running efficiently in excess of 20 years.

Get the engineering side of the story...

Dynamatic press stamping champion

Posted February 12, 2015

American made

Take a behind the scenes look at Dynamatic's US-designed and built variable speed drive solutions for energy efficiency, reliability and simplicity.

Nothing beats good old American know-how! Check out the latest post by Empowering Pumps author Charli K. Matthews following her recent tour of the Dynamatic facilities with Anthony Anniballi, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Learn how 80 years of application engineering across a broad range of applications has made Dynamatic America's leading provider of electromagnetic variable speed drives and controls. With products that outlast variable frequency solutions by two to six times longer, Dynamatic gives American pride true historical meaning.

Read the Empowering Pumps interview...

Dynamatic plant tour

Posted January 7, 2015

Quick response minimizes downtime

What do you do when you or your customer need a solution fast? Take a page from Baldwin Filters, and call the Dynamatic® factory.

The Baldwin Filters plant in Kearney, Nebraska manufactures air filters. When a critical press that manufactures the canister housings for their filters went down, Baldwin Filters called Dynamatic® for a replacement unit. Within a couple of hours, we were able to pull the serial number records on the unit and quote a drop-in replacement — the only change was a minor difference in shaft diameter. We shipped the unit out that afternoon on a straight shot truck and it arrived at Baldwin Filters the next morning — getting them back up and running with a minimum of downtime. “I would like to thank you for the excellent service,” was the response we got when the 100 HP Dynamatic® AT-440 arrived on their doorstep.

No thanks needed — getting you and your customers back up and running (and keeping it that way) is just what we do here, and that's why we offer 24/7/365 service and support, with rush deliveries on drives, brakes, couplings, controls, and parts available to anywhere in the country.

Shipped from factory

Posted December 10, 2014

Defining “true” efficiency

Municipal and industrial water and wastewater applications now see the difference between power put into a process versus power delivered to the load

In the mid 1980's it became a common practice in the electrical equipment industry to replace Eddy Current Drives with variable frequency drives (VFDs). Whether or not variable frequency drives were any more capable or reliable in the application usually did not enter into the discussion.

Most often the single justification for the VFD use is efficiency. VFD drive manufacturers claim their drives are 95% efficient and provide payback charts showing a rapid investment return.

The problem is the fact that is there is much more to the story. The untold story is about system efficiency, the difference between the power put into a process and the power that is delivered to a load. VFD drive manufacturers typically gloss over this. After thorough testing across multiple applications, the results achieved are very different than stated by the VFD Companies.

Here is the complete story...

Electromagnetic efficiency in water applications

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